Terms & Conditions

OHO Living terms & conditions

Cancellation policy

(For pre-booking & token amount)
1. The token amount is adjustable when you take full booking. Pay balance amount only during full booking.
2. Token amount is non-refundable in case you cancel the booking.
3. After token payment you have to take full booking within 5 days only. Otherwise, your booking automatically get cancelled with 1005 forfeit of token amount.
4. In case you booked the bed/room and wants to cancel the booking before move-in, amount equal to token amount i.e., ₹2500 get deducted and rest of the amount will be refunded within 5 working days in your bank account.

Renting Policy

1. You need to pay one-month security deposit and one-month advance rent before check-in. You can shift only after we confirm the booking.
2. You Will have to pay one time OHO fee of ₹500/- for smooth Documentation and legal process before check-in.
3. You have to sign tenant agreement before shifting.
4. Our rental cycle of 1st to 30th (first day to last day of the month).
5. Make advance rental payments by 5th of every month to avoid any penalties.
6. Electricity, Wi-Fi, or any other subscription-based services will be charged extra.
7. Please notify us at least 30 days before your move-out date. For that click here.
8. Inform us before you leave the premises to complete the final inspection process.
9. If tenant has booked a bed, oho living reserves the right to shift tenant to other rooms at any time in the same property.

Payment & Fines policy

1. Pay all your dues and rent online via website, application, internet banking or any other mode of payment directly into company account except cash payment.
2. Rent has to be paid by 5th of each month if rent payment is delayed, penalty applies as bellow;
a) After 5th, a penalty of ₹100 will be added for each late day upto 11th of the month.
b) From 12th to 15th, a penalty of ₹200/day will be added to existing penalty.
c) After 15th, you need to leave the premises, with 100% forfeit of security deposit.
3. In case your online payment fails, attach screenshot of the failed transaction with description of the problem and please send us an e-mail at

Service policy

1. Tenant shall pay all utility and damage costs a) Electricity charges
b) Cooking gas refilling charges
c) DTH monthly charges
d) Internet monthly charges
e) Water charges
f) Gym charges
g) Cost of materials used for repair or damage done by tenant.
2. Tenants of the flat have to share the utility costs and settle the same within themselves and make the payment on or before the due date to ensure the continues supply of the utilities.

Guest policy

1. Opposite gender guests are not allowed, in an emergency, meet guests in common areas.
2. Guests are not allowed to stay at night. In emergency, guests can stay overnight only after approval of the request (inform the respective host or the tenant manager).
3. You will be accountable, responsible and liable for your guests.
4. Guests overnight stay is chargeable. Charges may vary depending on the specific property.
5. The licensee shall be responsible for his/her belongings in the schedule premises. Any financial losses incurred shall be borne by the licensee.

Shifting or move-out policy

1. You need to complete the KYC process and agreement process with all payments cleared before moving in to the room.
2. You need to verify your visit by a shifting code sent to your registered mobile number or through your tenant ID provided to the host.
3. For internal moving/change of room/bed done by you, you need to pay ₹1000 as moving charge and you need to serve the notice period of 30 days.
4. For moving-out you need to notify us through our website before 30 days. An “renovation & cleaning charge” of ₹1000 will be levied on the tenant.
5. The payment policies for the notice period varies as per your move-out date and is illustrated below:

4. For what reason do we gather your data and how would We utilize Your data

The data assembled by the Company as indicated in Clause 3, might be utilized for the accompanying purposes:
4.1 To give, keep up, create, secure and improve the Platform Services, deal with your record, and so forth.
4.2 To comprehend Your inclinations and to improve and alter your experience of utilizing the Platform and the Platform Services.
4.3 To react to Your remarks, surveys, and questions and give better help and to address Your worries about our Platform Services.
4.4 To do the Company's commitments and authorize the Company's privileges emerging from any agreements gone into between the Company and You and additionally any outsider to convey the Platform Services, including for charging and an assortment of installment sums.
4.5 To impart significant notification or changes in the Platform Services given by the Company, utilization of the Platform and the terms/arrangements which oversee the connection among You and the Company.
4.6 For inner purposes, for example, evaluating, information examination and research identifying with the Platform or Platform Services.
4.7 For advancement and showcasing purposes.
4.8 For imparting such data to any outsider, including any specialist organizations, throughout giving or empowering the arrangement of the Platform Services through the Platform.
4.9 For diagnosing and investigating issues incorporating with our servers.
4.10 To authorize our Terms of Use or Privacy Policy What's more, for some other reason with Your assent.

5. An assortment of Information by Third-Party Sites and Advertisers

5.1 You thus recognize and concur that when You utilize the Platform, there might be sure connections that may guide You to different sites or applications not worked/kept up by the Company (the "Outsider Site"). The way wherein Your data is gathered, gotten, put away, prepared, revealed, moved, managed and dealt with by such Third-Party Site(s) is represented by the terms and conditions and protection strategy of the particular Third-Party Site(s). The Company urges You to familiarize yourself with the terms and conditions and security approach of each such Third-Party Site.
5.2 The Company thusly explicitly disavows all liabilities as for the way wherein the Third-Party Site gathers and additionally utilizes Your data. On Our Platform, there might be outsiders who promote their items as well as administrations. Such outsiders may put or perceive an extraordinary "treat" on Your program and may utilize data about Your visits to Our Platform and different sites to give promotions about merchandise and ventures important to You. We will, in no occasion, be at risk for any unapproved or unlawful exposures of Your data made by sponsors, who are not dependent upon Our control.

6. Revelation to Third Parties

6.1 The Company may need to unveil Your data whenever required to do as such by law and if such activity is essential between Alia to (a) follow a legitimate commitment; (b) secure and shield the rights or property of the Company, including to authorize Our understandings, strategies, and Terms of Use; (c) ensure the individual wellbeing of the Company, the Users, or any individual, in a crisis; and (d) shield the Company from bringing about any lawful risk.
6.2 The Company will be at freedom to uncover Your data to (I) specialist co-ops to encourage the arrangement of any of the Platform Services through the Platform; and (ii) any outsiders who give administrations, for example, inspecting, information examination, and help with conveyance of important promoting messages and commercials. If You give a cell phone number or potentially email address, the Company or the outsider specialist organizations or the people approved by them may send You instant messages/messages in connection to Your utilization of the Platform. The Company authoritatively requires these outsiders to keep such data private and use it just for the reasons for which the Company unveils it to them. These outsiders may see, alter, or set their treats or may put reference points on Your data. The utilization of these advances by these outsiders is dependent upon their protection strategies and isn't secured by this Agreement.
6.3 We may impart individual data to outsiders including has and other specialist organizations who work for the Company, who are bound by legally binding commitments to keep individual data secret and use it just for the reasons for which We uncover it to them.
6.4 Any substance or individual data that you share or transfer on the freely perceptible segment of the Platform will be openly accessible and can be seen by different clients.
6.5 The Company may uncover or move Your data (individual or generally) to any gathering organization or auxiliary or partner, and to an outsider, if the Company sells, moves or strips all or a bit of the Company's the same old thing or advantages for another organization regarding or during exchange of any merger, financing, obtaining, insolvency, disintegration, exchange, or continuing. Such outsiders will be authoritatively bound to not uncover further, and close to home data unveiled to them.

7. Security

7.1 The Company will find a way to help secure Your privileges of protection and Your data (individual or generally) with an end goal to forestall the misfortune, abuse, unapproved get to, divulgence, adjustment, or annihilation of such data, in consistence with the relevant laws. At the point when installment card account data is being transmitted on or through the Platform, it will be ensured by encryption innovation. You explicitly agree to the sharing of Your data with outsider specialist organizations, including installment portals, to process installments and oversee installment card data. The Company doesn't itself store Your installment card account data and doesn't have direct command over or obligation regarding Your installment card account data. Subsequently, the Company can't ensure that transmissions of Your installment card account data or individual data will consistently be secure or that unapproved outsiders will always be unable to overcome the safety efforts taken by the Company or the Company's outsider specialist organizations. The Company expects no obligation or duty regarding the revelation of Your data because of mistakes in transmission, unapproved outsider access, or different causes outside its ability to control. You assume a significant job in keeping your data secure. You will not share Your client’s name, secret phrase, or other security data for Your record with anybody.
7.2 The Company has actualized sensible security practices and techniques to ensure Your data or delicate individual data as given by You. The Company's security system and practice consent to Information Technology (Reasonable security practices and methodology and individual delicate information or data) Rules, 2011.

8. Client Direction

8.1 You may quit getting limited time messages from the Company by adhering to the guidelines in those messages. If You quit, the Company may, in any case, send You non-limited time messages, for example, messages about the Platform Services and Your record.
8.2 Cookie decisions: Most internet browsers are set to acknowledge treats as a matter of course. On the off chance that You like, you can generally decide to set your program to expel or dismiss treats. On the off chance that You decide to evacuate or dismiss treats, this could influence certain highlights or Platform Services.
8.3 This Agreement is made effectively available and comprehensible for You. On the off chance that You have to survey Your data or any individual data, you have to legitimately keep in touch with us at, and we will refresh any data or delicate individual data which is erroneous or lacking.
8.4 Should You want to quit revealing Your data to the Company, the Company demands You to close Your User record and quit getting to the Platform and profiting Platform Services. From there on, the Company may erase Your data (individual or generally) or de-distinguish it with the goal that it is unknown and not inferable from You.

9. Right to pull back Consent

You may decide to pull back Your assent gave hereunder anytime. Such withdrawal of the assent must be sent recorded as a hard copy to On the off chance that You don't give or later on pull back Your assent, we save the choice to not give Platform Services or the merchandise or administrations for which the said data was looked for on the Platform.

10. Complaints

In the occasion You have any complaints identifying with this Agreement, kindly educate the Company inside 24 hours regarding the event of the occurrence from which the complaint has emerged, by composing an email to our Grievance Officer at the location referenced:

11. Revisions

The Company holds an unequivocal right to adjust or correct its Privacy Policy with no prerequisite to tell You of the equivalent. You can decide when this Agreement was last changed by alluding to the "Last Updated" legend above. It will be Your duty to check the Privacy Policy occasionally for changes. You proceed with the utilization of the Platform following the presenting of changes on the Privacy Policy on the Platform will establish Your assent and acknowledgment of those changes.

12. Overseeing Law

This Agreement will be represented by the laws of India and the gatherings thusly irreversibly attorn to the selective locale of the courts at Ranchi, India concerning any question emerging under this Agreement.

13. Debate Resolution

Any debate, contention or guarantee emerging out of or identifying with this Agreement, or the rupture, end or deficiency thereof, will be settled by intervention as per the assertion of the Sole Arbitrator selected commonly by both the gatherings and represented by the principles of the Arbitration and Conciliation Act 1996 as revised now and then. The seat and setting of the mediation procedures will be at Bengaluru and the intervention will be directed in English. Any mediation grant will be conclusive and official on every one of the Parties that were gatherings to the question.

14. Various

Your affirmation:
All data unveiled by You will be esteemed to be revealed eagerly and with no pressure. No risk relating to the realness/validity/distortion/misrepresentation/carelessness, and so on of the data revealed will lie on the Company nor will the Company in any capacity be capable to check any data acquired from You.

Notice Initiation Date Notice End Date (30 Days) Move Out Date Unpaid Days Payment Mode
05 June 4 July 4 July 4 Via Payment Link
12 June 11 July 4 July 11 Via Payment Link
15 June 14 July 25 June 14 Adjustment from Security deposit

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